"I see a mosaic pattern (Aztec-like) emerging, a weaving pattern, thin here, thick there . . . This almost finished product seems an assemblage, a montage...now appearing, now disappearing in a crazy dance. The whole thing has a mind of its own, escaping me and insisting on putting together the pieces of its own puzzle with minimal direction from my will." – Gloria Anzaldua.
English 380A, Winter 2011
Professor Deborah Miranda

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Article Teaching

Assignment:  Teaching an Article

Date, Presenter, Article: If your first choice was taken, I gave you second choice.  If both articles on one day were chosen, I moved one article to the other day assigned to that text.  We have 2 articles still available, and 2 people (Max and Ken) who either didn't get what they wanted, or were absent.  Those available articles are in red.  Let me know!

Jan. 26, Morgan Holt:  The Outsider and 'El Otro' in Tomas Rivera's ... y no se lo trago la tierra," by Frank Pino, Jr.

Jan. 31.    Ken Delecki, "Jason's Indian: Mexican Americans and the Denial of Indigenous Ethnicity in Anaya's Bless Me, Ultima," by Marta Caminero-Santagelo.

Feb. 2. Max Chapnick.  "The Function of the La Llorona Motif in Bless Me, Ultima," by Jane Rogers. 

Feb. 9, Emily Shu.  "Chicano/a Spiritual Communities: Canicula and Flowers for Guadalupe," by Theresa Delgadillo.

Feb 14, Alexandra Frazier.  "Sandra Cisneros and Her Trade of the Free Word," by Gabriella Gutierrez y Muhs.

Feb. 16, Rachel Urban.  "Narrative Coyotes: Migration and Narrative Voice in Sandra Cisneros's Caramelo," by Heather Alumnbaugh. 

March. 14, Megan Ingram.  "Memories of girlhood: chicana Lesbian Fictions," by Catriona Rueda Esquibel.
March 16th, Ryleigh Nucilli:  "Queer Like La Virgen: Catholicism and Lesbian Sexuality in Carla Trujillo’s What Night Brings,” by Emily Katryn Anderson.

March 23, Henry Benedict.  "Violence, Faith, and Active Miracles in East Los Angeles: Their Dogs Came With Them," by Bridget Kevane. 

March 30.  Eleanor Kennedy.  "Chapter 3" from Gang Nation, by Monica Brown (deals with Locas).  Waiting for this to arrive via Inter-Library Loan.

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